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Name:I'm just the Middleman.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Community for everything related to The Middleman.

Art, fic, recs, meta, picspams, vids - BRING IT!


No more than four icons posted outside of a cut.

Preview should be no bigger than 400x400px.
If you're posting several at once, just one preview outside of cut.

Up to two recs is fine, if more they need to go under a cut.
You can also link to a recs post on your journal.

Embedded vids go under a cut.
Don't embed vids that aren't yours(rec it instead).
If your vid has a banner, it should be no bigger than 400x400px.


♥ Layout by [personal profile] heylove, altered by me. ♥

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art crawl, bechdel test, brit morgan, dirk squarejaw, dub-dub, dubbie, fighting evil so you don't have to, ida, jake smollett, javier grillo-marxuach, lacey thornfield iii, natalie morales, noser, o2stk, pillow lips, roxy wasserman, sensei ping, sexy boss man, soulless androids from outer space, stump the band, the middleman, the middlemobile, wendy watson, wu-han thumb of death, young noser
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